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Super rad night at the #BereanLife youth group. Theme was the #WCBC experience @lionel_barzon_3 & I did the Personal Evangelism class. They we’re passionate & intense! It was fun to see all the young ppl do role play: sharing their faith & sharing Jesus Christ w/ a lost person. @_besther @sayge_fray @salvie24 @mropilas @elexusann @mav_dee @yourpalreuben @adamariano24 @erikajayde15 @elise_saluta @angiesaluta @kayluhgrace @sonacyllier @redgyroxmysox @tikobrains @captisaac @mike_hilll great youth group spirit!

Glad these guys came w/ me to bring Nanay Ditas to the Emergency. Doctor wants to keep her there for observation & x-ray. If I was a pastor these two men would be on my staff @lionel_barzon_3 @tikobrains

Didn’t play the games (although I should’ve, could’ve got some exercise) but I’m glad I got a souvenir. Shout out to @sonacyllier & Carissa for their diligence & determination during David Zarbo’s grueling quiz ;) @redgyroxmysox @mropilas & berean teens you guys inspired my interns, thank you for a spectacular night. We should do these more often #bbc&berean #runningman

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